MAM Designed with a Natural Shape and Feel Silicone Nipples - 2 CT



MAM Designed with a Natural Shape and Feel Silicone Nipples. The Ultra Soft And Patented Silicone Surface Makes Switching Between Breast And Bottle Especially Easy. Suitable For Breast Milk Or Formula. BPA Free. Soft Silicone Nipple. 2 Medium Flow. 2+ Months.

Other Description

Nipple: The MAM Soft Silicone Nipple is designed to mimic mother's breast. The ultra soft and patented silicone surface makes switching between breast and bottle especially easy. Proven effect: 94% of babies accept the MAM Soft Silicone Nipple.* *Market research 2009-2014, tested with 1349 babies. Soft silicone nipple: Silky soft silicone surface provides a familiar drinking feeling. Symmetric shape: Nipple always fits perfectly in baby's mouth. Air valve: Prevents the nipple from collapsing and allows for an even milk flow. MAM nipples fit all MAM bottles and the trainer. 1 Slow flow - 0+ months. 2 Medium flow - 2+ months. 3 Fast flow - 4+ months. X Extra fast flow for thicker liquids - 6+ months. MAM products are developed in cooperation with ICMRS and other experts. All MAM products are made from BPA free materials. The product meets the requirements of European Standard EN 14350. For more information contact: Toll free 866-949-1174.