Post-it Super Sticky Magnet Notes



Post-It® Super Sticky Magnet Notes. Stick practically anywhere. Magnet on back. 3.8in × 7.8in (96.5mm × 198mm). 3M.

Other Description

Post-It® notes are recyclable. What did you ever do without Them™? Stick with the Post-It® brand. 3M, Post-It, the color canary yellow and the statement "what did you ever do without them?" are trademarks of 3M. ©2011, 3M. All rights reserved. Notes/magnet pad. Super sticky. Sticky practically anywhere. 1 pad printed notes with heavy-duty refrigerator magnet. Perfect for all your home communication needs. Such as: Shopping lists. Things-to-do. Memos. Messages. Sitter's information. Reminders.


Notice: adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. Colors may bleed when wet. It may not be suitable for use on delicate papers or surfaces.
Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion. Test before using.
Do not place magnet near computers or electronic media.