CareOne Massaging Gel Ball of Foot Cushion Men's & Women's



Directions: place cushion in shoe, fabric side up. Move forward to the widest part of the shoe just in front of the arch. Trim cushion if necessary.



CareOne™ Men's & Women's Massaging Gel Ball of Foot Cushion. Compare to Dr. Scholl's® massaging gel ball of foot*. Comforts sore, sensitive and painful ball of foot. One pair. Ideal for all types of shoes.

Other Description

CareOne™ gel ball of foot cushion, lined with a top cloth fabric, protects and cushions the sensitive ball of foot area. Soft, yet thin gel allows superior protection and prevents injury without crowding the shoe. Soothes and massages each step while absorbing shock from walking and running. *This product is not manufactured or distributed by Schering-Plough Healthcare Products Inc. owners of the registered trademark Dr. Scholl's® massaging gel ball of foot. ©2006 S&S Brands, Inc. Quality guaranteed or your money back.


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