Taylor Decorative 14 Inches Clock & Thermometer 1 ea BOX



Mounting Instructions: (1) Select a location on a wall that is out of direct sunlight. (2) Depending on surface material, you may need to pre-drill a hole to install mounting screw. Installation should be made using a 1-1/2 inches No. 8 screw (not included). Drive a screw into surface leaving approximately 1/2 inches protruding. (3) Line up hanger over protruding screw head and slide down until the unit is firmly in place. Clock Dial Set-Up Instructions: (1) Start clock by installing 1 AA battery (not included). (2) To time set, turn the small knob above the battery compartment to set the clock hands to the correct time. Exposure: Mount securely and protected from the wind to prevent against any damage from being knocked off the mounting screw and falling to the ground. Ultraviolet light from sunlight can prematurely weather the product.



Indoor/outdoor. Accuracy first. Taylor. Est. 1851.


Not Applicable