Victor 10 Pack Ready-To-Use Poison Moleworms Kit 2.29 oz BLISTER PACK



How to Apply: Treating Subsurface Runways. Locate Active Tunnels: (1) Make a 1 inch hole in the roof of a mole surface tunnel. Do not crush tunnel. Always mark open tunnels. Mark these openings to allow you to revisit later; (2) Revisit tunnel openings 24-48 hours later. Tunnels that have had holes resealed within 48 hours are an indication of mole activity and a good place to bait. Place the Product in Tunnels: (3) Poke a new hole in the roof of the active tunnel just larger than the diameter of the product; (4) Drop the product down into the hole and reseal with dirt. Repeat the process for every 5 to 10 feet of active tunnel. Checking the Results: Five days after placing the product into the active tunnels, use procedure above to see if tunnel remains active and if so, retreat any tunnels that still appear to be active.



Outsmarting rodents since 1898. Kills Moles! 10 Moleworms. 5 Locator flags. 1 Pair of gloves. Poison Moleworms resemble real earthworms! See rear panel fir first aid and other. This product any only be used to control moles in manual, below-ground applications. Poison Moleworms resemble real earthworms!

Other Description

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Active Ingrediens: Bromethalin (0.25%). Other Ingredients: (99.975%). Total: (100.000%).


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.