JT Eaton Pro Series Mouse Traps 2 ea BLISTER PACK



1. Insert the bait of your choice in the bait reservoir. 2. Press the trap open. 3. You will hear a click when it is set. Trap set when up Warning is readable when trap is perpendicular to a wall where mice run. The bait reservoir should be closest to the wall. 4. Open trap to release the trapped mouse into the trash. No need to touch dead mouse.



Since 1932. Easy to set-expanded catch area. Mouse Traps with trap set indicator warning. Trap set when up. Just press to set. Reuse. Bait reservoir. 1. Insert Bait: Green on top go set the trap. 2. Press set trap: Set with hand or foot. 3. Place against wall: red on top stop trap is set.


Not Applicable