Fridababy Instant Natural Windi 10 ea BOX



Simple steps to end sleepless nights: Step 1: Massage belly gently downward towards baby's bottom. Step 2: Lubricate Windi tip. We suggest coconut oil, but any lubricant works. Step 3: Lift legs and have a diaper ready - trust us, it could get messy. Step 4: Gently insert Windi (just like a rectal thermometer). Listen for the whistle, it should only take a few seconds. No sound? Massage belly again and repeat Steps 3-4. When finished, remove and discard Windi.



Gassy tummy? Windi the gaspasser. Gas + colic relief. What's the fuss? It's smart. It's Swedish. It's maybe a little strange. It's a doctor-invented hollow tube that safely, naturally and instantly relieves gas and calms colic-no ingestible remedies or drops necessary! The fuss stops here. Soft, pliable tip. Stopper. Easy grip. Hollow. Contents: 10 windi. The gas passer. Safely frees farts. 0+ months.

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