Dr Browns 6M+ Options+Anti-Colic Sippy Bottle 1 ea BOX



Additional warnings and instructions inside.



Level 3. 9 oz (270 ml). Starter kit. Natural flow. Bottle to sippy. First step to sippy cup. Happy feeding. Clinically proven to reduce colid spit-up, burping, and gas. Designed to grow with baby. Our bottle works best with the vent system. Clinically proven to reduce colid. Proven to help preserve vitamins. Aids in digestion for a better night's sleep. Flow rate supports breastfeeding. But it's great to have options when baby's feeding develops. Remove vent - no need to introduce a different bottle. Feeding experience similar to most nipple-vented bottles. Start with baby steps - ease the transition from bottle to cup with Dr. Brown's Bottle to Skippy Starter Kit. Take the bottle baby loves and simply replace the nipple with the super-soft silicone spout for the very first step toward a sippy cup. Remove vent and nipple to transition to sippy spout. The starter kit includes a fully venter Options+ Anti-colic Bottle with level 3 nipple + super-soft silicone sippy spout to use when baby is ready to transition to a sippy bottle. Contents: 1 - 9 oz/270 ml baby bottle; 1 - level 3 silicone nipple. 1 - sippy spout. 1 - cleaning brush; instructions.


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