Renuzit Snuggle Handmade Flower Linen Escape Fragrance Diffuser 2.19 oz BOX



Directions for Use: The Stem acts as a wick to draw up the fragrance into the flower and releases it slowly into the air. It takes 1-3 days for the flower to be fully impregnated with fragrance and will last up to 45 days. 1. Carefully remove the flower and bottle from the box. 2. Unscrew and remove bottle cap. 3. Insert flower stem and screw plastic insert into bottle. Make sure the stem is in contact with the fragrance. 4. Ensure bottle is placed on a stable surface. Place only in areas unlikely to be disturbed. Do not place on polished, painted or plastic surfaces. Ensure product is not in contact with absorbent materials/surfaces, including fabrics and plastics. 5. Wash hands thoroughly after setup. Do not handle wet flower with hands. In case of spillage, wipe surface immediately, and wash hands. Please retain package for future reference.



New. Infused with essential oil. Up to 45 days of fresh release. Scratch n sniff. Relax with the refreshing scent of clean linen hung to dry in the crisp mountain air. The fresh and floral aromas transport you to a simpler time, full of peace and comfort. Handmade Flower: Each beautiful Flower artfully crafted by hand. Decorative fragrance for any room in your house.

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