HEX Stain and Stink Remover 12 oz BOTTLE



How to Use: Shake before use. Spray on and around stain, and gently work solution into fabric. Wait 15 minutes, then wash. For best results, use with Hex Performance Laundry Detergent.



Stick it to stains. Conquers sweat and other tough stains. Removes odor with built-in deodorizer. Made for activewear, great for everything. Stains are the pits. Only Hex science works double duty to remove stains and the odors that come with them. Unsightly pit stains, mud stains, blood stains and I-don't-even-remember-what-that-was stains don't stand a chance. Bonus: our formula is skin-safe and biodegradable.

Other Description

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A Biodegradable Blend of: Water, Ethoxylated Alcohols, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Enzymes, and Preservatives.


Caution: Irritant. May be harmful if swallowed.