Metabo HPT HPT Coil Nails 3600 ea BOX



Not for use in cedar, redwood, treated wood or exposed applications. Only hot dip galvanized and stainless steel fasteners should be used in treated wood, cedar, redwood and exposed exterior applications. Galvanized products carry no warranty expressed or implied. Please read this important information regarding fastener corrosion, and wood. Galvanizing helps, however salt air, high humidity, industrial fumes and driver blade impact can break down the zinc coating and the fasteners may rust. Also, when wet, the tannin acid in cedar and redwood can react with plating to create dark stains. Preservatives and fire retardants in wood may contain salts corrosive to the fasteners.



2-1/4 x 0.92 Inch. 57.1 mm X 2.33 mm. Wire coil, full round head. Electrogalvanized, Smooth shank 16 degrees (+/-1 degrees ) siding nail. Hitachi power tools. See website about name change. 15 degrees. Fits most round head wire coil siding nailers. Engineered construction nails ASTM F1667 galvanized to meet ASTM A641, regular coating. Wire collation/ full round head. Complies with ASTM F 1667. Limited protection: Electro galvanized. Better: Hot dip galvanized. Best: Stainless steel.

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Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm