Kellys Crafts Suncatchers Activity Kit 12 ea BOX



For best result, wash your unstained suncatcher with warm soapy water, rinse and dry prior to painting. Gently stir stain before using. Stain cleans up with soap and water while wet but is permanent when dry. Directions. 1. Use the paddle end of applicator to pick up stain. 2. Let stain drip from applicator and flow into recessed areas. 3. Use the pointed end of applicator to apply stain to small areas. Protect clothing and work surface. Adult supervision is recommended for small children. Let stained suncatcher dry overnight before handling.



Makes 12. Contains: 12 suncatchers; 2 strips of stain pots (8 pots) 1.36 oz (40 ml) total volume; 1 Brush; 1 Color coke. Non-toxic. 8+.


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