Pinxav Ointment 4 oz BOX



Pediatrician & pharmacist recommended since 1927. Pronouced pink-salve. Helping to soothe, heal and prevent diaper rash since 1927. Pinxav can also be used for everyday first aid for minor scrapes, burns, cuts and other skin irritations. Baby your skin at any age! EmJay Labs is committed to children's health and well-being. Remember the good old days when ice cream cones cost a nickel? When you could walk to the corner drug store and the pharmacists actually knew your name? We do! It was all the way back in 1927, when Milford Harris invented Pinxav (pronounced pink-salve). He invented this unique and soothing, protective ointment for diaper rashes and other skin irritations. There he is, on the right, standing in his drug store. For Milford it was a labor of love because he was trying to perfect a treatment for his own children who had diaper rash. As a father and pharmacist, he found that existing ointments or salves as they were commonly referred to back then, didn't work. Well, just like the horse and buggy, the independent pharmacy is slowly disappearing - but not Pinxav. We've been around for almost a century and we aren't going anywhere. Our mission has never changed and Milford's legacy lives on - we're here to help heal and prevent skin irritations of all types, for all ages - from babies to active adults to those in their golden years.

Other Description

Questions? Please call toll-free 1-888-4-PINXAV or visit us at Not tested on animals.


Contains zinc oxide, and soothing emollients such as clove leaf oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and petrolatum.


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