Aurora Bulb Dimmer 1 ea BOX



Tap to turn lights on and off. Simple setup. 2 minutes. No wiring. Step 1: Connect: Pair with a smart bulb. Step 2. Mount: Secure included mounting base over toggle switch and attach dimmer.



Always ready smart bulb dimmer. For Philips Hue smart bulbs (Aurora dimmers are a Zigbee certified product and tested for compatibility with Philips hue lighting products). Lock toggle for “always ready” smart bulbs . No writing needed. Friends of hue. Lutron technology locks your toggle, preventing anyone from accidentally turning off the smart bulb functionality. Keeps your smart bulbs always ready - even when the Wi-Fi goes down. Allow right control from the dinner in addition to your Hue app or with your voice activated control. Mounts over toggle switch. Twist to adjust light level. 3V = 10 mA CR 2032 battery.

Other Description

24/7 US - based support 1.844.Lutron1 (588.7661).


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