Bondo Repair Kit 1 ea BOX



Directions for Use (read all directions and warnings for proper application): 1. Clean repair area with soapy water followed by a wax and grease remover to remove all contaminants. Let dry. 2. Cut away damaged area and loose pieces. Sand the surface with 3m sandpaper 80 grit to remove all primer, paint, rust, or gel-coat. Sand 1-2 inches beyond damaged area and down to bare metal or fiberglass. When possible, both sides of the damaged area should be repaired for added strength. Depress or slightly bend the edges of solid metal inward. Remove all dust with a dry cloth or compressed air. Re-clean the surface with the wax and grease remover. 3. Pre-cut several pieces of fiberglass cloth to 1 inch larger than hole. Wearing gloves is recommended for the next steps. 4. Mixing tips: working life of mixed resin is approximately 8-12 minutes at 75 degrees mix in small amounts. Mixing large amounts at one time will reduce the working time of the mixed resin. Never mix hardener in the resin bottle. Do not mix the entire container with liquid hardener. Mix resin with the hardener in the mixing tray supplied. Do not use waxed cup. Use a push pin or thumbtack to open the hardener tube. Scrape sides and bottom of tray to ensure thorough mixing. Mix as follows: mix resin and hardener in mixing tray supplied. Estimate amount of resin needed to saturate fiberglass cloth. Ratio of resin to hardener is as follows: for 1 ounce of resin, add 10 drops of hardener or 6 tablespoons of resin with 1/4 teaspoon of hardener. Make small batches at a time and mix more as needed. 5. Brush a coat of mixed resin on the damaged and sanded area. Place the first layer of fiberglass cloth onto mixed resin. Use paint brush to saturate the cloth with mixed resin. A dabbing motion will help saturate the cloth and remove any air pockets. Continue applying additional layers of cloth and mixed resin as needed while the first application is still sticky or wet. If the surface dries hard and is no longer sticky, sand with 3m sandpaper 80 grit before applying additional layers. Follow the same procedure if both sides are being repaired. 6. Allow material to cure, approximately 2 hours at 75 degrees. Curing will take longer at cold temperatures. Once cured, sand repaired area with 3m sandpaper 80 grit. Option: to return the contour or to smooth out low areas in the surface, use a layer of bondo body filler. 7. Feather the edge of the repaired area with 3m sandpaper 180 grit to blend the repair into the undamaged surface. 8. The surface is now ready for topcoats per the manufacturer's recommendation. 9. While resin is still wet, clean paint brush or tools with acetone or lacquer thinner. 10. Do not put mixed, unused resin back into the container. It will harden the rest of the contents.



Kit Includes: 1 Fiberglass Resin 0.45 pt/7.2 U.S. Fl oz (213 ml) 1 Liquid Hardener 0.2 U.S. Fl oz (6 ml) 1 Fiberglass Cloth 24 in x 18 in/3 sq ft (2787 cm2) 1 Plastic Spreader-1.75 in x 1.88 in (4.45 cm x 4.78 cm) 1 Mixing Tray 7 in x 31/2 in x 21/4 in (17,7 cm x 8,8 cm x 5,7 cm) 1 Mixing Stick-5 1/2 in x 1/2 in (13,9 cm x 1,2 cm). Additional Items Needed for Repair Paint Brush. Rubber Gloves. Measuring Cup. Sanding Block. 3M Sandpaper 80 and 180 grit. Scissors. Acetone or lacquer thinner (for surface cleaning and project clean up). Also great for household use. Waterproof formula for repairing, resurfacing, rebuilding metal, wood, fiberglass or masonry surfaces. Fiberglass resin. Liquid hardener. Plastic spreader. Fiberglass cloth. Mixing stick and tray. Work like a pro. See list of contents on side/back panel. Prep, repair, ready, go! Use Bondo Fiberglass repair kit for repair large rust outs, cracks or broken pieces on damaged cars, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, bathtubs, showers and more. Use with the included Bondo Fiberglass Resin Hardener and Bonde Fiberglass Cloth. 3M Body Repair System: 1) Prepare. 2) Fill 3) Paint. 4) Finish. Stage 2: Patch holes with reinforced filler. Apply, shape and smooth body filler. Additional Product Safety and Health Information Source: Safety Data Sheet (24-2334-1).

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Contains: Fiberglass Resin: Polyester Polymer; Styrene Monomer (100-42-5); Silica (7631-86-9). Liquid Hardener: Dimethyl Phthalate (131-11-3); Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (1338-23-4); 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Diisobutyrate (6846-50-0); Methyl Ethyl Ketone (78-93-3); Hydrogen Peroxide (7722-84-1); Water (7732-18-5).


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