The Absorber Towel 1 ea CYLINDER



Over 3 sq. ft/.296 m2 (27 in. x 17 in./69 cm x 43 cm). Dries anything faster and easier. No. 1 Choice of car lovers. Simply the best. More absorbent than a leather chamois. Streak-free and lint-free drying. For cars, trucks and Suvs. Not just for cars. In the home. For sports and cooling. Choice of top groomers. On a boat or at the beach. Lasts for years. Super absorbent: Absorbs like a sponge but handles like a towel. Easy to use: Dries small cars in 2-3 minutes. Won't scratch: Safe to use on all surfaces. Durable: Unharmed by grease or oil. Machine washable: Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Before first use, rinse thoroughly with warm water. May be stored damp in tube so it’s ready to use. If the Absorber dries out simply re-wet. Further care instructions inside. Contains: 1 unit.


100% PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol).


Proposition 65 Chemical listing exposure: Formaldehyde, C.I. Disperse yellow 3, C.I. Solvent Yellow 14 as possible cancer causing agents in rats. For more information go to