AutoSpa Polisher 1 ea BOX



Quick steps to a showroom shine. Step(1): Wash & dry vehicle. Removes dirt & oil from vehicle surface. Ensures wax and polish bonds to vehicle surface. Removes contaminants that could scratch paint. Tip: Always use car wash soap to get the cleanest possible surface; Step(2): Apply wax or polish. Foam absorbs & distributes quickly & easily. Smooth surface applies smooth and evenly.Elastic edging keeps bonnet snug. Step (3): Remove wax or polish. Microfiber removes & polishes in one simple step. Soft fibers gently sweep away wax and polish. Elastic edging keeps bonnet snug. Washable and reusable.



Luxury car care. 120v random orbital. 2 Bonnets included! Includes foam wax and polish applicator pad and microfiber buffing pad. 3-layer foam pad with moisture barrier. 120v Motor; 3500rpm; ETL approved. Luxury auto care start to finish: Made for automotive enthusiasts who want nothing but the best when caring for their vehicles; Autospa luxury car care accessories prolong that fresh from the showroom feel through superior design, quality, & value. The random orbital polisher: Low vibration heavy duty motor; Integrated multi-grip for reaching and less fatigue; 3-Layer buffing wheel with visible moisture barrier. Professional orbital rotation. Applies quickly & evenly. Compact & ergonomic design. Hold from any angle. Benefits of machine polishing : Water deposits: Water and mineral deposits can be removed and prevented by waxing with an orbital polisher. Swirl marks: Waxing with an orbital polisher removes the sharp edges of this types of scratch, making the marks invisible. Light Scratches: Waxing with an orbital polisher removes light scratches or any scratch you can see but cannot feel with your fingernail. Professional quality. Top mounted on/off switch: Easy to reach for fast shut-off; Dual texture finish: Firm grip with wet or sweaty hands; Built-in kick-stand: Helps keep bonnets clean between uses; Moisture proof buffing wheel: Won’t absorb; Keeps polish on vehicle. Thousands of fibers per square inch!


This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm For more information go to