C Preme Helmet 1 ea CARD



Instructions for Use: Designed for the use in pedal cycling, skateboarding or roller skating and is not designed for motorcycle use. This helmet cannot protect against all types of impacts. This helmet is designed to absorb shock by partial destruction of the energy absorbing liner. This damage may not be visible. Therefore, if subjected to a severe blow, the helmet should be destroyed and replaced even if it appears undamaged. No attachments should be made to the helmet except those recommended by the helmet manufacturer. The design of this helmet is not to withstand multiple impacts, the helmet and do not dry in front of heaters. Pay attention to sharp objects and avoid storing the helmet in direct sunlight. This helmet has a limited lifespan in use and should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear. This helmet should not be used by child while climbing or doing other activities where there is a risk of hanging or strangulation if the child gets strapped whilst wearing the helmet. Please read enclosed manual before using your new helmet. For maximum protection the helmet must be fitted and attached properly to the wearer's head in accordance with the manufacturer's fitting instructions. Fitting Instructions: Size: Youth (54-58 cm): 1. Helmet Size: Choose a helmet size that is comfortable yet snug on wearer's head. Comfortable fitting pads are provided to help achieve a custom fit. Shift the helmet around back and forth, and side to side. Helmet should remain comfortable yet move the skin on the brow with it. 2. Adjusting Straps. Place helmet level on head with straps junction forming a Y under ears. Tighten all straps evenly and buckle under chin. Secure loose end strap with rubber o-ring provided. Straps should be tight enough to prevent helmet from shifting forward or backward when moved by hand. Check these adjustments every time the helmet is worn.



Size: Youth (54-58 cm). Adjustable straps. Aerodynamic cooling vents. Shock absorbing EPS inner shell. Age 8-14.


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