Wenko Dehumidifier 1 ea BOX



35.3 oz / 1000 g Capacity. Helps regulate humidity to create the optimal indoor environment. Attractive design fits any decor. Water level indicator. 2 lbs Calcium chloride block included. Calcium chloride stone removes moisture from the room environment brought through daily activities - cooking, bathing, laundry, exercising, pets. Helps remove odor and limit the growth of mold. Ideal for room sizes up to 350 square feet. Refill Calcium chloride stones available separately. The end of moisture and mold! Unwrap and insert the included calcium chloride stone into the holder - Stone will begin to absorb moisture immediately. Each stone will remove 0.4 gal/1.6 l from the environment. Laboratory tested.

Other Description

Dispose of properly.


Caution: Irritant.