Scarguard MD Patented SG5 Technology Easy-to-Use Brush-on Nearly Invisible Formula



Directions. Clean affected area with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly. Brush on twice daily. Allow to dry for 1 minute before coming into contact with clothing. Reapply if peeling. Children from 2-12 years of age ask a doctor. Other information. Store at 15 degrees to 30 degrees C (59 degrees to 86 degrees F). Keep bottle tightly closed or product will evaporate.



Scarguard® Labs, LLC Scarguard MD® Patented SG5™ Technology Easy, Brush-On, Nearly Invisible Formula. #1 choice of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Premium. Diminishes scars with SG5™ multi-technology. Guards against new scars forming. Flattens and shrinks old scars. Scarguard is the #1 choice of plastic surgeons finally available to you! 5fl oz/15ml e.

Other Description

Feel the difference. Abdominal scar. Before Scarguard MD®. Abdominal scar. After using Scarguard MD®. Scarguard MD® was created by a plastic surgeon who realized that even doctors don't have total control of the healing process. Some people will heal very well with little scarring, while others will not be that fortunate. Scarguard MD® is an important breakthrough. Doctors have known for decades that there are ways to improve scar appearance. Scarguard MD® is a patented formulation that combines multiple technologies into a product that is easy-to-use. That is why so many doctors use Scarguard MD® for old, raised scars, keloids, and to help prevent scar tissue from forming after surgery or injury. Clinically proven. Scarguard MD® is the #1 choice of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, since 2001 to help new scars and flatten and shrink old scars. Easy-to-use. Scarguard MD® is a fast-drying, brush-on, clear liquid. Once dry, it is waterproof, nearly invisible and can even be covered by makeup. How Scarguard MD® works. Only Scarguard MD® uses our patented SG5™ technology. Our multiple technologies combine medically endorsed treatments into an easy-to-use solution. Silicone topical silicone has been clinically proven to help shrink scar tissue. Cortisone a low strength hydrocortisone helps reduce the irritation often associated with scarring. Vitamin E helps in the healing process by softening and moisturizing the scar. Collagen build-up causes scars. How raised scars form. When the skin is injured, scar tissue forms to fill the gap. Your body produces collagen, a strong protein that reconnects the broken skin. Raised scars and keloids form during the healing when we do not produce enough collagenase (the body's natural scar inhibitor). New scars Scarguard MD® helps reduce the formation of scar tissue when used after surgery or injury. Follow your doctor's instructions. Old scars Scarguard MD® works to reduce existing thickened or raised scars. Results guaranteed. Scarguard MD is used by so many plastic surgeons and dermatologists for one reason... it works! Uses. Scar management. For the temporary relief of itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation & rashes. Questions? Call 1-877-566-5935.


Active Ingredients - Purpose: Silicone 12.0% - Scar Management. Hydrocortisone 0.5% - Anti - Pruritic. Inactive Ingredients: Vitamin E, Specially-Formulated Flexible Collodion.


For external use only do not use.
On children under 2 years of age. Consult a doctor.
On mucous membranes.
When using this product.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
Use in a well ventilated area.
Flammable until dry.
Stop use and ask a doctor if.
Condition worsens.
Symptoms persist for more than 7 days.
Keep out of reach of children.
If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.