Dreft Fabric Refresher 24 oz BOTTLE



1. Turn nozzle to ON position. 2. Spray a light mist evenly on fabric. 3. Odors start to fade immediately. Use more for difficult odors. Important: For fabrics that may water spot (like silk, rayon and leather), test a small area of fabric that can not be seen.



70 Plant-based ingredients USDA certified biobased product. Eliminates odor and freshens. Plant-based ingredients. no dyes. hypoallergenic. Usda certified biobased product. Product 70%. Bedding. Changing Pads. Stroller Car Seats. Carpet. Upholstery. Dreft odor eliminator & fabric refresher freshens fabrics and eliminates odor, including odor from formula, diapers, spit-up and food. Free of: dyes, chlorine and phosphates. Hypoallergenic from the #1 pediatrician recommended baby detergent. Gently freshening of bedding, changing pads, car seats. Second chance 2C company.

Other Description

Question U.S. 1-844-333-6677. www.drefthome.com.


Purified Water, Biobased Ethanol, Odor Neutralizer, Fragrance Contains No Phosphate.


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