TRX Strong System 1 ea BOX



Make your body your machine. best selling suspension trainer. 8 customized video workout downloads. Use your bodyweight to train your upper body, lower body & core. Perform 100+ exercises by learning 7 simple movements. Push; Pull; Plank; Rotate; Hinge; Lunge; Squat. Proven results in less time. Unleash your potential: Build muscle & burn fat; Increase endurance; Improve flexibility; Strengthen core. Advance your fitness journey with TRX suspension training using only your bodyweight to build strength, power, and mobility. Fast & effective total body workouts. Builds rock-solid muscles & core. Used by pro athletes. TRX strong anywhere, anytime. TRX strong system: (A) TRX strong suspension trainer: Soft foam handles; Padded foot cradles; Easy-to-adjust straps. (B) Key to free: Build your workouts with our digital library. (C) Suspension anchor: For use indoors and outdoors. (D) Door anchor: At home or on the road. (E) Mesh carry bag: Take it with you anywhere. (F) User guide poster: Everything you need to know. Includes: 8 free customized TRX video workouts. Our 6 best custom workouts: Arms & shoulders; Chest & back legs & hips; Core; Stretch TRX total body workout. Plus any 2 you choose: Choose from our library including Yoga; Tennis; MMA; Golf healthy back; Flexibility; Endurance.

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App Store. Get the TRX App, Download on the App Store; Google Play. Get it on Google Play. Download at We’re here to support your fitness journey any questions, call 888-878-5348 Monday thru Friday 7 am to 5 pm pst. Visit Do your part. Please recycle this box.


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