HexBug Construction Kit 1 ea BOX



Easy snap pieces actual products may differ in apperance to images shown. Contains one astronaut. Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Build the Rover and lead your own deep space discovery team! Venture to the outer limits of space with the VEX Robotics Explorers. Using the VEX IQ platform, these kits aim to unleash kids' creativity and early interest in STEM. UNcover valuable resources and travel through remote locales aboard the Rover. How it works: Extendable Arm: Arm reaches and retracts. Claw features an adjustable grip. Snap pieces VEX IQ compatible. What is included: + over 70 easy connct pieces! Help us explore new worlds. All-terrain wheel suspension. Vex Robotics: Our mission is to create STEM problem solvers by inspiring kids through robotics! These products encourage students to stretch their imaginations while creating a fully-functional machine! Originally designed for the classroom, VEX Robotics provides educators with the tools they need to teach STEM principles while maintaining an engaging, hands on experience for students. Our model of classroom learning paired with after school competitions challenges students on a level far beyond textbooks or lectures. VEX robotics competitions allow students to participate on a team and compete in a series of events from regional, state, and national levels; local champions go on to compete against the best at VEX worlds! Each competition encourages students to work together as a team to develop new skills, solve problems, and learn along the way! Over 16,000 teams compete annually in VEX robotics competitions, representing over 40 countries from around the wolrd! Hexbug and Vex robotics have teamed up to bring this educational building experience right to you home! Collect them all and see what you can create! Stem education challenges children and teenagers to learn the fundamental aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through the use of hands-on and real-world applications. this educational model has always been at the core of both Hexbug and Vex robotics! By challenging kids at home, we aim to educate as well as entertain! Official guiness world records.

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