ACE Angle Valve 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Instructions: 1. Turn off water supply leading to work area. 2. Slide flange over stub-out. 3. De-burr stub-out. Note: When using PEX tubing, some PEX tubing sizes vary by manufacturer, which may require the use of a tubing insert for a proper installation. 4. Mark stub-out 3/4 inch from end, firmly push valve on to ensure it is seated in place and collar has met mark. 5. Position shut-off valve to receive water supply tube. 6. Place nut and sleeve on supply tube. 7. Tighten compression nut to valve securely. Removal of Valve: With water turned off remove safety clip, pull collar towards valve body as you remove from stub-out. Replace safety clip.



Outlet: 3/8 inch OD. Inlet: 1/2 inch Nom. Premium. Corrosion resistant brass ball. Quality since 1924. Push fit application.


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