ACE Inline Valve 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Required Installation Instructions: 1. Turn off water supply leading to work area and drain water from system. 2. If installing in-line into existing pipe, remove a 1 inch section of pipe at the desired location. Squarely cut tubing or pipe and de-burr both pipe ends. 3. Mark pipe 3/4 inch from end, firmly push on valve to ensure it is seated in place and collar has met mark on both sides. 4. Safety clips must always remain on valve collar when in use. 5. Position valve outlet to receive supply line or tube. 6. Attach supply line to valve or place nut and sleeve on supply tube. 7. Tighten compression nut to valve securely. Removal of Valve: Turn off the water supply, drain water from system, remove safety clip(s), pull collar towards valve body as you remove from pipe(s). Replace safety clip(s).



Outlet: 1/4 inch OD. Inlet: 1/2 Nom. Quality since 1924. Premium. Corrosion resistant brass ball. Push fit application.


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