Maverick XR Barbecue Thermometer Set 1 ea BOX

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With new insta-sync technology. 2 thermometer probes. 1 monitors the meat temperature. 1 monitors the barbecue temperature. Monitor barbecue up to 500 ft away. Both probes heat resistant to 716 degrees F. Receiver: Monitor internal temperature of meat from 500 feet away; Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature; Monitor barbecue temperature. Receiver beeps and flashes if temperature falls above or below your programmed range; Count-up & count-down timer. LCD to receiver has back light for use at night. Transmitter: Receiver has belt clip and built in stand; Transmitter has removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger; Food probe wire can be inserted 6 inch into meat; Both probe wires are heat resistant to 716 degrees F; Can be used in oven or smoker too; 4 AAA batteries included; Barbecue probe wire comes with a clip to attach to grill rack. Receiver display barbecue temperature up to 572 degrees F. Lost link alert warns you if your transmitter is out of range or has lost the radio frequency signal. Your meat, barbecue and timer settings are stored even if the units is turned off. Check you meat and barbecue temperature up to 500 ft. away.


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