Rest Assured Snore No More Mouthpiece 1 ea BOX



For complete fitting and adjustment instructions, please see the enclosed information guide that provides easy-to-follow instructions. Please read and follow the instructions before molding and adjusting your Snore No More Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece.



1 mouthpiece + storage case. For a better night’s sleep. Helps reduce snoring without a Doctor’s prescription. Flexible to sleep with your mouth open or closed. Adjustable for a comfortable fit. Easy self-fit design. Say goodnight to snoring. The snore no more anti-snoring Mouthpiece is easily molded to fit the unique form of your teeth. The fully adjustable mouthpiece gently holds your jaw forward as you sleep. This opens your airway, helping you to breathe quietly and easily-reducing your snoring. Boil and bite design for a secure and comfortable fit. Open mouth design allows air to move freely for comfortable breathing. Adjust lower jaw position up to 6 mm to help maximize your airway opening. One size fits most users. Wear up to 180 nights.

Other Description

Additional support and information on fitting the product and adjustments can be found at BPA free.


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