Tejava Black Tea 15 ea BOX



For Hot Tea: Step 1: Pour 8 oz, filtered water over tea bag. Step 2: Steep for 5 minutes. For Sun Tea: Step 1: Place 4 bags into a 2-quart container. Step 2: Fill with cold, filtered water and cover. Step 3: Place outside in the sun for 3.5 hours. Java Tea Leaves, Raspberries, Natural Flavors.



The unsweetened tea. Our Tejava black tea leaves are harvested in Java, Indonesia, where only delicate top leaves are handpicked during the optimal harvest season between May and October. The pyramid shape of our biodegradable bags allows the tea to move freely while steeping, infusing more whole tea flavor. Boldly smooth, with a twist of luscious raspberry flavor, Tejava raspberry black tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. With natural flavors.

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