WinCo Foods Cushion Insoles 1 ea BAG



Separate insoles. Using size chart on the trim-to-fit card as a guide, cut with scissors to achieve proper fit. Insert into shoe with fabric side up. If needed trim with scissors. Replace insoles aster 3 months for maximum comfort and freshness.



Men's Size: 7-13. Women's Sizes: 5-10. Trim to fit. Antimicrobial helps fight foot odor. Improves shoe fit & foot comfort. Compare to Dr. Scholl's Air Pillo Insoles (This product is not manufactured or distributed by MSD Consumer Care, Inc., distributor of Dr. Scholl's Air Pillo Insoles). Covered with comfortable, long lasting, non-wrinkling fabric. Ventilated with tiny air holes to keep feet cool and dry. 1/8 in thickness helps absorb shock and improves foot comfort. The supermarket low price leader.

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