goddess garden Bracelet 1 ea BOX



Dab Goddess Garden aromatherapy bracelet blend on several black lava rocks to leave a thin trace of oil. Breathe and enjoy on-the-go aromatherapy.



Lava rock & unakite. Organic Meets Volcanic: Like essential oils, stones can affect mood. Lava rocks offer strong grounding and balancing properties, and are porous carriers of scent. They also enhance the energetic properties of other stones. Add our Aromatherapy Bracelet Blends to the lava rocks on the bracelet and enjoy the therapeutic combo on the go. Mix and match to boost your mood. Ambition: Enlightening howlite boosts positive traits and powers the will to achieve greatness. Serenity: Soothing turquoise and blue jasper quiet the mind while inspiring harmony and inner peace. Perseverance: Grounding unakite relieves stress while encouraging persistence and resilience.

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Certified B Corporation. Please recycle.


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