WinCo Foods Diapers 92 ea BOX



Disposal Instructions: If diaper is soiled, empty contents into toilet. Do not flush diaper down the toilet. Roll diaper into bundle and discard into trash. Always wash your hands after changing your baby's diaper.



7-13 kg. Advanced Absorbent System: Quickly pulls moisture away from baby's skin into a soft, ultra-absorbent core. Superior Leak Guards: Dual leg barriers and elastic rear waistband fit prevents leakage. Premium Stretch System: Improved fit allows baby to move freely while helping to prevent leaks. Hypoallergenic. More comfort. Improved! Soft backsheet. WinCo Foods Diapers combine superior leakage protection with a secure and comfortable fit for your baby. The diapers are hypoallergenic and free of perfumes and dyes, so they are good for your little one too. The supermarket low price leader

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Caution: Like most articles of clothing, disposable diapers will burn if exposed to flame. Keep babies and toddlers away from source of flame. Due to the danger of suffocation, do not allow babies or toddlers to play with plastic bags. To avoid risk of choking, do not allow babies or toddlers to tear the diaper. Discard any torn or unsealed diapers.


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