WinCo Foods Dental Flossers 90 ea BAG



Directions for Use: Flossing: 1. Guide floss between teeth. 2. Floss in a gentle back and forth, up and down motion alongside each tooth. 3. Discard after use. Pick: 1. Guide pick into space between teeth. 2. Gently use in and out motion to clean teeth and stimulate gums. 3. Discard after use. Dentists recommend daily flossing to help remove plaque from between teeth and under gums.



Extra comfort. Satiny finish that's soft & gentle on gums. Helps reduce plaque buildup & the risk of gingivitis. Comfort grip for support & control. WinCo Foods Dental Flossers: help reduce dental plaque buildup and food particles; satin-like finish resists breaking, shredding and sagging; made with hi-tech fiber that slides gently and easily between teeth; comfort-grip handle for support & control; mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh & clean. The supermarket low price leader.

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Caution: Slight gum bleeding during flossing is frequently a sign of unhealthy gums. By flossing daily, bleeding should stop. Consult your dentist if bleeding persists.