Organyc Tampons 16 ea BOX



ICEA: Organic Certified by ICEA. 100% certified organic cotton. Does Not Contain: chlorine; perfume; rayon; chemicals; dyes or colors. Complete protection or you and your sensitive skin. Unsurpassed absorbency. Smooth, plant-based applicator! Safer for the environment. 1. Plant-Based Compact Applicator: Smooth, plant originated material. Phthalate free. Rounded tip and finger ridge for easy insertion. Convenient compact size. 2. 100% Certified Organic Cotton: Pure organic cotton inside & out. Unsurpassed absorbency. 3. Organic Cotton Cord with Knot: Twisted cotton for enhanced durability. Dermatologically tested. Why Organyc? Organyc brand feminine care products completely protect and respect your sensitive skin. Organyc tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton that delivers unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection, and are cotton-soft and gentle so they respect your sensitive skin. What are your absorbency needs? Super Plus: 12-15 g; suitable for heavy flow.

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Corman USA Customer support: 691 S. Green Bay Rd. Box 237 Neenah, WI 54956. Ph: 844.674.2692. Dispose of properly.

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Composition: Tampon - Organic Cotton Fibers (100%), Cord - Organic Cotton Cord, Applicator - Bio Material (API. APIGO.) (90% Plant Origin).


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