Organyc Tampons 16 ea BOX



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ICEA: Organic Certified by ICEA. 100% organic cotton. For smooth insertion. Plant-origin applicator. Compact Applicator: Very soft rounded tip for smooth insertion, plant-origin & phthalate free, compact for convenience. Easy to use. 100% Pure Organic Cotton Absorbent Core: Highly absorbent and breathable. Organic cotton twisted cord with knot. Organyc is ideal for women who experience skin sensitivity issues while wearing ordinary feminine care products. Organyc is made with 100% pure organic cotton. In one study, over 80% of women who switched to 100% cotton pads like Organyc reported they prefer cotton (Study on Irritating Vulvo-Vaginitis and related diseases, 2009 - CenBiotech, 2100 Dijon [FR]). Use the chart to select the minimum absorbency to control your menstrual flow. Super: Absorbency: 9 to 12 grams. Hypoallergenic. Chlorin free. Dermatologically tested.

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Composition of Tampons: Organic Cotton Fibers (100%), Organic Cotton Cord. Applicator: Bio Material (API. APIGO.) (90%+ Plant-Origin).


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