Dewalt Multi Tool 1 ea BLISTER PACK

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Comfortable handles; easy tool access. Multi Tool: 1. Spring loaded needle nose pliers; 2. Spring loaded curved jaw pliers; 3. Spring loaded wire cutter; 4. Wood/metal file; 5. Medium screwdriver; 6. Bottle opener; 7. Wire stripper; 8. Can opener; 9. Serrated blade; 10. Straight edge; 11. Ruler; 12. Scissors; 13. Phillips screwdriver; 14. Large screwdriver; 15. Fold-out carabineer/lanyard; 16. Small screwdriver. Cont. 1 pc.


Warning: Wear safety goggles. Blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear gloves to protect hands. Do not bend blades. Blades may break if bent and may result in bodily injury. Close or cover blade when not in use. Handle does not provide protection against electrical shock. Disconnect power when using tools near live wires or where there may be hidden wiring.