NELLIES Wrinkle-B-Gone 3 oz



Shake well and apply light mist to fabric. Smooth fabric with hands. Hang or lay flat and allow 5 minutes to dry. In a perfect world, use immediately after removal from dryer. As an Ironing Aid: Mist Wrinkle-B-Gone directly onto fabric and iron to perfection. On Bedding: Put fresh sheets on the mattress and smooth. Apply a light mist and let dry for 5 minutes. Always test on a inconspicuous area before using. Use caution when applying to silk or rayon.



Removes wrinkles. Simply shake, spray and smooth. Great for: Clothing; Bedding; Tablecloths; Curtains; And more! Wrinkle-B-Gone is a plant based formula that will remove wrinkles and freshen fabrics with Nellie's signature lemongrass fragrance. It's safe for use around pets and kids.

Other Description

Always recycle


Water, Denatured Alcohol, Cationic & Nonionic Detergent, Natural Fragrance Phenoxyethanol.