Garden Pro Premium Ultralite Top Soil 1 Cubic Ft



Directions. Top dressing for established lawns: Spread 1/4" top soil evenly over entire area lightly rake into lawn, and water thoroughly. Repeat at 6 week intervals during growing season. Lawn patching: to renovate poor spots, work 1/2" ultra light top soil into existing soil sow seeds according to instructions on seed package. Water gently, being careful not to wash seeds away. Trees and shrubs: Dig a hole 1/3 wider and 1/3 deeper than the rootball of plant. Make a mixture of 1/3 Garden Pro ultra light top soil and 2/3 original soil. Add enough of the mixture so that the plant sets in new hole at its original soil level. Set the plant in the center of the hole on the mixture. Fill in around the sides of the roots with the mixture. Gently firm down mixture around the plant to prevent air pockets. Water thoroughly. Begin an appropriate fertilization program in about 3 weeks. Vegetables and flower gardens: Weed the garden bed. Turn over the top 6" to 8." Level the bed. Spread 2" to 4" of Garden Pro ultra light top soil on the surface. Work into turned over soil.



Garden Pro® Premium Ultra Lite Top Soil. Works better than regular top soil! Premoistened. Ready to use. Excellent planting mix for trees and shrubs. Ideal for lawn patching & seeding. Great for gardens too! Visit us at our web site 1 cubic ft. (28 L).

Other Description

Recommended uses. Garden Pro ultra light top soil is recommended for top dressing and repairing lawns, for setting out trees and shrubs, and amending garden soils. Completely organic, Garden Pro ultra light top soil encourages root growth by loosening and aerating the soil the soil which gives the roots the space to grow and breath. It also helps soil hold the necessary moisture and nutrients for healthy growth. Manufacturer warrants that this product conforms to the ingredient description on this label, subject to any warnings on this label. This product is suited for the labeled uses when applied according to label directions. However, results of use may vary depending on soil, weather and other conditions affecting application, even when label directions are followed. This is a limited warranty and manufacturer and seller disclaim all other express and implied warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and no agent of manufacturer is authorized to make any other express or implied warranty. Except for the limited warranty set forth above, buyer assumes all risks associated with the use of this product. In the event of breach of the limited warranty set forth above. Buyers sole remedy shall be a full refund of the purchase price of this product. In no event whatsoever shall manufacturer or seller be liable for loss of profits or any other incidental, consequential or special damages in connection with any use of this product.


Caution: gardening gloves recommended for use with any organic product. Bags are not intended for use by children and could cause suffocation or other injury. Do not allow children to play with bags. Safely dispose of bags upon use of product.