Happy Cow Boat 1 ea



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Auto turnover 180 degrees. 2.4 GHz. Electromotion powered high speed series. 20+ km/h. New water cooling system. New technology. High-Standard Rudders is Equipped: It helps accurately control the left-steering or right-steering angle. Controllable Turnover & REverse Function: When the racing yacht is turnover and the top of the racing yacht is facing toward the water, you can operate the quick-forward key or quick-backward key to rapidly reverse it back to the normal state. Function: forward, backward, left turn, right turn. 1. Water-Circulation & Cooling Technology: More effective helps the engine cooling from heat and thus greatly extends the using life of the engine. 2. Out-of-Water Auto Protection Function: When the racing yacht is out of the water, it will automatically stop working, to ensure the safe protecting. 3. High-Efficient Chargeable Battery Pack is Equipped: The battery pack inside the racing yacht can be re-charged and you can just experience the infinite time of re-cruising. 8+ ages.

Other Description

Please recycle.


Battery Warning: Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon zinc), rechargeable (nickel hydride) batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries should not be recharged. Rechargeable batteries should be removed from the boat mode before being charged. Rechargeable batteries should be charged under adult supervision only. Exhausted batteries should be removed. The supply terminals should not be short-circuited. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type are recommended to be used. Batteries should be inserted with the correct polarity. Electrical waste, do not dispose of in trash.