Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water



Store in a cool, clean, dry place away from sunlight.



Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water. 1.5 liters 50.7 fl oz.

Other Description

BPA free. Biobottleâ„¢. 100% recyclable. Pure & pristine. Imported from Earth®. Eternal Water comes from the most pure & pristine sources on earth. Our water's voyage takes it through layers of ancient rock and sandstone to a vast underground aquifer. During this natural filtration process, eternal water absorbs essential minerals, making it naturally alkaline. These layers of rock also provide a natural barrier from any environmental pollutants, providing a pure and uncontaminated source of water. It arrived in this bottle as nature intended - eternally pure. Key benefits: Naturally alkaline. Natural electrolytes. Natural pH 7.8 - 8.2. Source: Allegheny Mountains Springbrook Springs, NY. BPA free product. For water quality information contact: [email protected], 1-877-854-5494.