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Directions for repotting. 1. Water the plant thoroughly if possible the day before you want to repot it. This should make it much easier to work with. 2. Choose a clean pot that is one or two sizes larger than the old one and that will drain well. Washing the pot with a solution of bleach and water is usually a good idea. 3. Remove plant from old pot by placing your fingers over top of soil. Turn pot upside down and gently rap edge of pot on a firm surface. If the roots are badly compacted it may be necessary to run a knife between the soil ball and the pot to free the plant. 4. Remove the crusty soil on the top of the root ball, this is where soluble salts from hard water collect. Taking great care, gently loosen the soil around the root ball and gently separate the roots. If the roots are circling or matted, they may need trimming back to encourage new growth. 5. Add enough potting mix in the bottom of the new pot so the plant sits at the same soil level as in the original pot, usually with the top of the roots about one inch below the rim of the pot. 6. Place the plant in the pot and add potting mix around the sides, gently firming it as you go. Be careful not to pack the mix too tightly. Add mix back to the top of the root ball. 7. Water plant gently but thoroughly with room temperature water. Make sure that it drains completely and set it out of direct sunlight for a week or 10 days. Wait at 2 weeks to fertilize.



Garden Pro® Potting Soil. The clearest indication that your plant needs repotting is when roots become matted around the drainage hole or grow outside of it. Other signs are diminished plant vigor and smaller leaf growth caused by a lack of organic nutrients.

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Caution: gardening gloves are recommended for use with any organic product. Bags are not intended for use by children and could cause suffocation or other injury. Do not allow children to play with bags. Safely dispose of bags upon use of product.