Vital Baby Baby's 1st Tumbler 4+ Months Stage 1 Baby Trainer Cup



Full instructions for care and use are enclosed - please read carefully. *It is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed for about the first 6 months of life. However, when this is not possible, the Vital Baby range of award winning, safe, BPA free accessories help you nurture and feed your baby from first foods to 15 months and beyond.



Vital Baby® Baby's 1st™ Tumbler 4+ Months Stage 1 Baby Trainer Cup. Stage 1: 4+* months. BPA Bisphenol A free. No spin or free flow you choose. Super soft spout protects baby's gums. Easy-grip soft base. Hygienic spout cover.

Other Description Safe for dish washer, micro wave, sterilizer. Protect your baby's sensitive gums with our super soft spout. It's been perfectly designed to help baby progress from breast or bottle to their 1st tumbler and it can be used as no spill or free flow - you choose! Stage 0 0m: Combine breast and bottle feeding easily. Stage 1 4m: Start to introduce your baby to first foods. Stage 2 6m: Experiment with different tastes and textures. Stage 3 9m: Build confidence as self feeding starts. Stage 4 12m: Increase independence as baby's skills develop. Stage 4+ 15m: Enjoy happy mealtimes as your toddler grows. Packaging. Check local recycling. Any questions? 1 877 808 4725. [email protected]. Made in China to Vital Baby specification. Vital baby is a registered trademark. ©Vital Innovations Inc. 2010. All rights reserved.