Munchkin Food Pouch Spoon Tips - 2 CT



To use: Unscrew lid on pouch. Screw spoon tip directly onto pouch. Set spoon tip to "open". Squeeze food out. Set spoon tip to "close" for storage.



Munchkin® Food Pouch Spoon Tips. Click Lock™. 100% guarantee. Leak-proof. Pouch feeding without the mess. Turn spoon to lock and seal. Caps keep spoons clean when on-the-go. BPA free. 4+ months.

Other Description

A spoon designed uniquely for mess-free pouch feeding - because feeding with a simple squeeze makes mealtime a breeze. It's The Little Things®. Stuff you should know: Works with most leading pouch brands. Spoon tips lock closed to avoid spills on-the-go. Caps keep spoons clean while traveling. 800.344.BABY (2229), It's The Little Things®. Product and design are ™ & ©2012 Munchkin, Inc. Munchkin, it's the little things and the click lock logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Munchkin, Inc.


Caution: Wash and inspect before use. Do not microwave, boil or steam sterilize. Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage. Always check temperature before feeding. Not intended to be held by a child. Do not leave child unattended. Discard all packaging components before use. Do not leave spoon attached for extended periods due to possible pouch pressure build-up. Do not leave spoon in the freezer or exposed to direct sunlight.