Post-it Greener Notes - 3 PK



Notice: adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. Colors may bleed when wet. Test before using.



Post-it® Greener Notes. Made from recycled paper. Made with plant-based adhesive.

Other Description

Notes are recyclable. Get back to nature with Post-It® greener notes. Sure, they look and stick like your regular Post-It® notes, but there is a difference - 100% recycled paper1 and a plant-based adhesive2. This means that no new trees were used to make the paper. The plant material used to make the adhesive is a non-food plant that grows annually. If you want to be even greener, recycle these Post-It® greener notes so they'll be turned into something new. 1 30% postconsumer. 2 67% plant-based material by weight. 3M and Post-it are trademarks of 3M. All rights reserved. ©2012, 3M.