Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Toilet Drop-Ins Toilet Bowl Cleaner



Instructions - read carefully. 1. Remove toilet tank cover. 2. Tear open pouch. Note: only use one tablet at a time. 3. Flush. Wait until water level is low and bottom valve is closed. Use pouch to drop tablet into corner of tank away from bottom valve opening or toilet mechanism. 4. Important: wait 10 minutes before flushing. 5. When color disappears, it's time for a new Vanish® Drop-Ins™. Clean toilet bowl thoroughly, including under the rim.



Scrubbing® Bubbles Vanish® Toilet Drop-Ins™. SC Johnson. A Family Company. 1 blue tablet. Stain repel. Helps keep your toilet bowl stain-free. Repels tough hard water and limescale stains.

Other Description

Facts you can feel good about™. Contains no phosphates. Product not tested on animals. Cleans and deodorizes with every flush. Helps keep your toilet bowl stain-free. Won't harm plumbing or septic systems. Bowl water not harmful to children or pets. However, it is not recommended that pets regularly drink water from the toilet. A Family Company since 1886. Learn more at: Questions? Comments? Call 800-558-5252 or write Helen Johnson. Visit use at ©2011 S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Cleaning Agent, Carrier, pH Adjuster, Fragrance, Binders, Dye, Chelator. SCJ Formula # 35*4291.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.