Ice Mountain Water 100% Natural Spring Water - 24 CT



24 .5 liter. 30% less plastic*. Pure quality. Ice Mountain® brand. 100% natural spring water. *Bottle contains on average 30% less plastic versus comparable size carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. For more information, visit Our commitment. Conserving natural habitats. Managing water resources for the future. 24-16.9 fl oz (1 pt, 0.9 fl oz) (500 ml) plastic bottles. (405.6 fl oz [3 gal, 1 pt, 5.6 fl oz] [12 L] total).

Other Description

©2011. Please recycle. Questions? Comments? Call 1-800-678-4ICE. Ice Mountain®. Born Better®. Only from carefully selected natural springs. This bottle is part of a multi-pack and should not be sold separately. Be healthy. A typical 12 oz. sugared beverage contains the equivalent of 10 tsp. of sugar. Water has no sugar. Replace one sugared beverage daily with water and cut 3,650 tsp. of sugar a year from your diet. Be green. Good news - all Ice Mountain® bottles can be recycled! But did you know that fewer than 30% of all plastic bottles actually are recycled? We need your help. Please recycle. Be assured. Our water's original quality and natural blend of minerals are sealed in the bottle so you can enjoy its clean, crisp taste and natural spring goodness. We can all make a difference. Please recycle. Share your ideas: 1-800-678-4ICE or visit Smaller cap= less plastic.


Warning: cap is a small part and poses a choking hazard, particularly for children.