Little Trees Air Fresheners Royal Pine - 3 CT



Tear open top of bag along dotted lines. Then pull out string and top of tree until bottom of tree lines up with "1st week" arrow in window. Each week pull tree out to next arrow or adjust strength by exposing tree more or less.



Little Trees® Air Fresheners Royal Pine. By Car-Freshner®.

Other Description

7th week pull off bag. 6th week. 5th week. 4th week. 3rd week. 2nd week. 1st week. Air freshener for car, home, office. Hang freely! Keep off any surfaces. Fresh as a breeze! Little Trees® air fresheners are made from ingredients carefully selected to produce exquisite fragrance blends. Little Trees® air fresheners are unique in their quick, powerful and long-lasting effectiveness. Hang freely! Avoid contact with any surfaces. The tree design, Little Trees and Car-Freshner are trademarks. ©2010 by Car-Freshner. ©1994, 2005 by Car-Freshner.