Kiwi Leather Polish Applicator



1. Remove excess dirt or dust with a soft cloth. 2. Apply Kiwi polish with the Kiwi Polish Applicator. 3. Allow polish to dry. 4. Brush with Kiwi Shoe Shine Brush. 5. Buff to a shine with a Kiwi Shoe Shine Cloth. 6. For an extra brilliant shine, apply another light coat of polish and buff with Kiwi Shoe Shine Cloth. For maximum protection and to extend the life of your shoes, always use Kiwi Paste Polish or Kiwi Premiere Shine as a good foundation every 5-10 wearing occasions. For future water & stain protection, use Kiwi Protect-Ally on all your leather and fabric shoes.



Kiwi® Leather Polish Applicator. Applies polish evenly.

Other Description

Kiwi polish applicator is a top quality brush made of soft, natural bristles set in a sturdy wooden handle. Spreads polish evenly into folds, seams and grooves. Kiwi is a trademark of Saramar, L.L.C. Questions? 1-800-392-7733. ©2009 Sara Lee Household and Body Care USA.


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