Libman Multi-Surface Everyday Floor Cleaner Citrus Scent



1. Remove liquid and debris with a cloth or broom. 2. Spray cleaner directly onto floor. 3. Immediately clean with microfiber mop. Do not use this product on unsealed, unfinished, waxed or oiled floors, or on severely worn floors. Before using on an unknown surface, test on a small area.



Libman® Citrus Scent Multi-Surface Everyday Floor Cleaner. Family Made® in the USA. Since 1896. For a sparkling clean floor! Safe & effective. Design for the environment. U.S. EPA. Recognized for safer chemistry.

Other Description

Cleans away dirt & grime, leaving a sparkling clean floor! Excellent for these surfaces: Vinyl. Tile. Hardwood Laminate. Marble. Stone. Linoleum. Engineered wood. Use with any of these Libman mops. 877-818-3380.


Caution: may cause eye and skin irritation. See back panel.
Caution: may cause eye or skin irritation. Avoid prolonged exposure to skin or eye contact and inhalation. If in eye or on skin, rinse thoroughly with water. If contact lenses are present, remove lens and continue rinsing. See physician if irritation persists. If inhaled, seek fresh air. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, drink 3-4 glasses of water and get medical attention. Contains purified and conditioned water, degreaser, cleaning agent and fragrance.
Keep out of reach of children.