Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Gadget Only Automatic Spray



Directions for use: Read safety information carefully before use. Retain instructions for future reference. 1. Choose where you want to place/hang your device. To open, press the button on top of the device and pull to open. Place the device at a height of at least 6 feet from floor level as per diagram No.6. 2. Ensure the switch on the side of the device is in the off position. Insert 2 AA/LR6 batteries. Ensure the batteries are inserted correctly, aligning the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals as indicated. 3. Before inserting the aerosol refill, check that the internal mechanism is in the correct position as per instruction No.7 (see white box below). If not, push up the red lever. Then insert the aerosol refill into the device by placing it on the base of the device with the spray nozzle facing outwards. 4. Direct the device away from your face. Set the device by setting the fragrance intensity control to the needs of your home: low, medium, high. 5. When activated, the device will spray after a delay of 15 seconds. If there is no spray after 15 seconds check the batteries are inserted correctly and follow the instructions in No.7 (see white box below). 6. Close the device and place it where chosen ensuring it is fixed securely. If you want to change the fragrance setting after installation, direct the device away from your face before altering the fragrance intensity control on the side of the device. 7. If no spraying occurs after switched on for 15 seconds: A) Place switch on the side of the device to "off". B) Remove the aerosol refill and push up the red lever and repeat instructions 4 to 6 inclusive. 8. When the aerosol refill is nearly empty, the red light will flash rapidly and the device will soon stop working. Directing the device away from the face, turn the switch on the side of the device to the 'off' position (this resets a spray counter), replace the aerosol refill, and select your chosen fragrance intensity level. *Approved by Reckitt Benckiser.



Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray. New features. With fragrance intensity control. Gadget only. Choose your favorite Air Wick Freshmatic fragrances. Refills sold separately. See reverse for details. Only use Air Wick refills. Contains: 1 device.

Other Description

Important. Only Air Wick refills are approved* for Air Wick Freshmatic. For optimal performance only use Air Wick refills with Air Wick Freshmatic. Choose your favorite fragrances from Air Wick Freshmatic sold separately. Fresh Waters. Cool Linen & White Lilac. Lavender & chamomile. Vanilla Indulgence. Apple Cinnamon Medley. ...And many more! Now tells you when your refill is empty. Control the way your home smells with Air Wick Freshmatic. Newly designed Air Wick Freshmatic puts you in control ensuring your home always smells fresh & welcoming. Simply set the intensity control to match the needs of your home and Air Wick Freshmatic will automatically release bursts of fresh fragrance. To ensure your home stays smelling just the way you'd like, Air Wick Freshmatic now tells you when your refill needs replacing with a flashing red light. Airwick Freshmatic automatic spray. Automatic spray. 3 fragrance intensity settings. Replaceable fragrances (sold separately). 2 batteries included. Save $ 4 on purchase of refills coupons inside. Troubleshooting: for further assistance, please visit or call: 1(800) 542-1300. Questions? 1(800) 542-1300. For ingredient information, Device made in China. Packaged in USA. RBI 2010.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Read precautions on refill can before use. Only for use with Air Wick refills. Do not reuse batteries. Batteries contain 0% mercury/0% lead/0% cadmium.


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