Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast Roast Breast Meat



Cook thoroughly to: 165.0 degrees F for safety. See cooking instructions on the back panel. Breast meat: Prepare. 1. Remove dear plastic netting and wrapper. 2. Refrigerate gravy packet until ready to use. If cooking from frozen, place roast on microwave-safe plate and heat in microwave on high 2 minutes or until gravy packet can be removed. 3. Drain juices and pat roast with paper towels (not necessary if frozen). 4. Lift string netting and shift position on roast to make removal easier after cooking. 5. Spray roast with vegetable oil. Additional basting is not necessary. Roast: 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. 2. Place prepared roast, skin side up, on flat roasting rack in 2" deep open roasting pan. 3. Roast uncovered per guidelines below or to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees in center. Roasting time will vary if covered or placed in an oven cooking bag. 4. For easier net removal, wrap roast in foil when done and let stand 10 minutes. Remove netting and carve. Crock pot: Roast must be thawed. 1. Place thawed roast, skin side up, flat in 8" diameter crock pot. 2. Add 1/2 cup water. 3. Cover, cook on low 7 1/2 hours* to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees in center. 4. After 4 hours, check temperature at center, ends and near top for food safety. Turkey must reach 140 degrees within 4 hrs. *Cooking up to 9 hours does not impair eating quality. (Cooking on high for first hour does not reduce cooking time). Thawing/roasting guidelines. Thawing** - approximate roasting time - open pan, 325 degrees F oven. (In refrigerator - thawed - frozen. 1 1/2-2days - 1 3/4-2 hours - 2 1/2-3 hours. **Always thaw in unopened wrapper, thaw on tray in refrigerator, or thaw in cold water, change water frequently. Do not thaw at room temperature. Microwave: Roast must be thawed. 1. Place thawed roast in microwave on a shallow microwave-safe tray. 2. On 30% power, cook for 30 minutes, turn roast over and cook 20-30 minutes more. Check for doneness with a meat thermometer. Roast is done when temperature is a minimum of 165 degrees.



Butterball® Boneless Turkey Breast Roast.Breast Meat. Freezer to oven. Includes gravy packet. Always tender & juicy. Contains up to 20% of a solution of water, contains 2% or less of salt, dextrose, natural flavor, modified food starch, sodium phosphate to enhance tenderness and juiciness. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Plant no. on package closure.

Other Description

Raw turkey as packaged. Butterball is a registered trademark of Butterball, LLC. Questions or comments: Call Mon - Fri. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CST). 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). Please have entire package available when you call. For expert one-on-one assistance call our butterball turkey talk-line® toll free during the months of November & December. Write: Butterball, LLC P.O. Box 1547, Kings Mountain, NC 28086. Please include the butterball weight tag. For questions about avian flu, visit www.avianinfluenzainfo.org. Visit our website at www.butterball.com for delicious recipes and grilling tips.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 112.0 g

Servings per Container: 10

Title Raw turkey
Energy 150
Total Fat 7 g
Saturated Fat 2 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 60 mg
Sodium 580 mg
Carbohydrates 1 g
Protein 20 g
Daily Percent Of Iron 6


Gravy Packet Ingredients: Water, Modified Corn Starch, Maltodextrin, Salt, Rice Flour Cooked Turkey, Onion Powder, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, Spices.


Safe handling instructions: This product was prepared from inspected and passed meat and /or poultry. Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. For your protection, follow these safe handling instructions.
Keep refrigerated or frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave.
Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry.
Cook thoroughly.
Keep hot foods hot.
Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.


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